CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 English 2017-18

Latest CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 of English 2017-18

Here, latest syllabus of CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 English for the session 2017-18. The new session has started and board updated the new syllabus.

In the Yearly examination, 20% of 1st Term + entire syllabus of 2nd Term will come.

• There will 3 sections, Reading, Writing with Grammar, Literature.

• The section wise weightage will depend on schools. (It will different for different schools.)

• Month wise syllabus list is given as per KVS.

Chapter List
April and May Prose - Three Questions
            A Gift of Chappals
Writing Section - Notice, Message
June Poem - The squirrel
             The Rebel
Suppl. - The Tiny Teacher
Writing - Formal and Informal Letter
July Prose - Gopal and the Hilsa Fish
Poem - The Shed
Suppl. - Bringing up Kari
              The Desert
Grammar - Rhyming Words, Verbs, Reported Speech
Writing - Story Writing
August Prose - The Ashes that made tress bloom
Poem - Chivvy
Suppl. - The Cop and the Anthem
Grammar - Adjectives, Question Tag, Modals
Writing - Paragraph
September Prose - Quality
Poem - Trees
Grammar - Jumbled Words and Preposition
Prose - Expert Detectives
Poem - Mystery of the talking fan
October Poem - Golu grows a Nose
Grammar - Determiners
Writing - Formal and Informal Letter
Speaking - Pair Interaction
November Prose - The invention o Vita-Wonk
Poem - Dad and the Cat and the Tree
            Meadow Surprises
Suppl. - I want something in a cage
Grammar - Article, Gap Filling
Writing - Paragraph
December Prose - Fire, friend and foe
Poem - Garden Snake
Suppl. - Chandni
Speaking - Conversation
January Prose - A Bicycle in good repair
Suppl. - The Bear Story
              A Tiger in the House
Grammar - Synonym, Antonym, Error finding
Writing - Story Writing
Prose - The Story of Cricket
February Suppl. - An Alien Hand
Grammar - Adverb, Revision
March Revision and Session Ending Examination

Prescribed Books:

• Honeycomb by NCERT
• Supplementary Reader - An Alien Hand by NCERT


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