Latest CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 of English 2017-18

Here, latest syllabus of CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English for the session 2017-18. The new session has started and board updated the new syllabus.

In the Yearly examination, 10% of 1st Term + entire syllabus of 2nd Term will come.

• There will 3 sections, Reading, Writing with Grammar, Literature.

• The section wise weightage will depend on schools. (It will different for different schools.)

• Month wise syllabus list is given as per KVS.

Chapter List
April and May Prose - Who Did Patrick's Homework?
Writing Section - Notice, Message
Suppl. - How the Dog found himself a new master?
June Poem - A House, A Home
             The Rebel
Suppl. - The Tiny Teacher
Writing - Formal and Informal Letter
July Prose - Taro's Reward
Poem - The Quarrel
Suppl. - The Friendly Mongoose
              The Shepherd's Treasure
Grammar - Rhyming Words
Writing - Story Writing
August Prose - An Indian American Women in Space - Kalpana Chawla
Poem - Beauty
Suppl. - The Old Clock Shop
Grammar - Adjectives
September Prose - A Different Kind of School
Poem - Where do all the Teachers go?
Suppl. - Tansen
Grammar - Jumbled Words
October Prose - Who I Am?
Suppl. - The Monkey and the Crocodile
Writing - Formal and Informal Letter
November Prose - Fair Play
Poem - Vacation
             The Wonderful Words
Suppl. - The Wonder Called Sleep
Grammar - Verbs
Writing - Paragraph
December Prose - A Game of Chance
Poem - What if
Suppl. - A Pact with the Sun
Speaking - Conversation
Prose - Desert Animals
January Prose - Desert Animals
Suppl. - What Happened to the Reptiles
Grammar - Synonym, Antonym
Writing - Story Writing
February Prose - The Banyan Tree
Suppl. - Strange Wrestling Match
Grammar - Adverb
March Revision and Session Ending Examination

Prescribed Books:

• HoneySuckle by NCERT
• Supplementary Reader - A Pact with the Sun by NCERT

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