Gulliver's Travel - A Voyage to Lilliput 9th Chapter 1 Summary and Quick revision English

Gulliver was third son of his father and was staying in Nottinghamshire. At the age of 14 he was sent to Cambridge. He met Mr James Bates, a famous surgeon of his time. He did his medical studies under Bates. He was interested in Voyage and wanted to travel. After that getting financial help from his home, he went to Leyden to study physics as it would help him in navigation during Voyage.

After returning from there, he started his practice. He got married. Then a time came he was under financial crunches. At this time he got advantageous offer from Captain William Prichard, master of the Antelope, who was making a voyage to the South Sea.

In the journey they got struck in bad weather.  Most of the members left the boat and started swimming. Gulliver also swam in certain direction as fortune directed him. He reached an island and slept there. When he woke up in morning he was lashed strongly with ground. He then observed by many tiny people having bow arrow with them.

When he got up they were frightened but things went normal when he made sign of peace.  He was then taken to their leader. The leader was taller than other people. He made sign of food and drinks. He was served with food and drinks. He drank whole of their barrels once. The tiny people were amazed. These tiny people were good at mathematics and mechanics. They made a huge machine for transportation of Gulliver. He was taken to an ancient temple. Thousands of people came to see him.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Gulliver, third Son of his father out of five sons. His father had a small estate in Nottinghamshire. He was sent to Emmanual College in Cambridge for further study at 14 years of age.

• He studied medicines under Mr. James Butt there for 4 years . He had good relation with Mr. Bates. After that he went to Leyden.

• Gulliver had interest in Voyage and navigation. He spent his pocket money in learning navigation skills in Leyden.  He studied Physics there as it was required for navigation.

• After that he was with Captain Abraham Pannel as Surgeon during his voyages for three and half year.

• He started practicing in London. He got married and bought home.

• His business began to fail after few years. He again started his voyages. He was still facing cash crunches. He then got an offer of voyage from Captain William Prichard, master of the Antepole,  who was making Voyage to south sea.

• The journey was full of tragedies, few crew members died and few lost, due to bad weather and storm.

• Gulliver after struggling in sea, finally reached some place, where he find no habitation. He was very much tired and slept.

• Next morning he found that his hands and legs were fastened by ropes. His hairs were tied somehow. He observed tiny human beings moving across his bodies. They were about 6 inches in height and having bow and arrow. They were lilliputs.

• Somehow he managed to cut string of one side.  The Lilliputians become aggressive and using bow and arrow started attacking him. They were speaking with some known languages. They stop attacked when Gulliver made sign of peace.

• After that their king arrived. He was a bit taller than other lilliputs.  He ordered to cut the strings.

• He then made sign that he was starving. On order of king he was provided food and drinks. He drunk two barrels of drink and demanded more. Their one barrel was of less than half of a pint.

• They were good at mathematics and mechanics. They designed a vehicle for him. He was sent near an old ancient temple. 

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