Summary of Ch 2 We are not afraid to die…If we can all be together Hornbill CBSE NCERT Class 11 English

Summary of the Chapter

This is story of a 37 year old businessman who went to repeat the round the world vogue made 200 years ago by Captain James cook. He along with his family which include narrator, his wife Marry, his son Jonathan 6 year old, his daughter suzzane, 7 year old.

They were accompanied by two crewmen, an American Larry and a Swiss Herb in order to help them in roughest seas of Indian Ocean. He and his wife were enhancing their skill for their dream of sailing across the world. Wavewater, the name of the ship they had, been professionally built and been tested in the roughest weather it could face.

Summary of We are not afraid to die...if we can all be together Class 11 Hornbill

The first leg of their journey was planned for 3 years , 105000 kilometre journey. On their second day out of cape town they started getting encountered by strong winds. The situation continued till next few weeks. They enjoyed on Christmas despite of bad weather hoping for some improvement in weather in New Year. But on January 2nd,  the situation got worse. The huge waves were there to haunt them. There was endless sea rolling toward them. Then they prepared themselves with lift raft drills, life jackets etc and double lashed everything.

Now the situation came were wind dropped, and sky immediately grew dark. A wave that was perfectly vertical and initially appeared like a cloud stroked their ship. He was hurt badly. Everywhere there was water on the ship. The both crewmen were pumping out like mad people. Suzzane was hurt badly but the aim of narrator at this point of time was to save the life of his family. He was consistently working to fix the holes and repairing the ship otherwise it would had surely sunk. He was facing lot of problems when there hand pumps started to block up with garb ages and other stuffs were floating and blocking the pumps and the short circuits were creating an additional problem.

Summary of We are not afraid to die...if we can all be together Class 11 Hornbill

Despite of several hindrances, he kept on trying for survival of his family. He was also supported by his family members during this. Sue, despite of being hurt badly was not expressing her pain, as she did not want her father to worry about this at that point of time. He remembered about a spare pump he had, and it worked in order to pump out water from the ship. He get that he would not be able to sail the ship to Australia, and so calculated for nearby islands there were two small islands in east direction, few hundred kilometres. They were getting no signals on the radio.

Next morning Jan 3rd , the pumps had made water level under control, but still somewhere there was a big leakage. On January 4th night weather started again to deteriorate and on next morning on 5th, It became worse. Jonathan told that if his all family members are together he is not afraid of dying. Marry got some beef and biscuits. They were now hoping for the best. Narrator made some calculations. It was difficult as compass was not working properly.

Summary of We are not afraid to die...if we can all be together Class 11 Hornbill

Finally at 2 p.m., He came to conclusion that they could get an island at 185 degree, he asked Larry to go accordingly. Then narrator went for a nap. He woke up at 6 and was thinking he missed island, but Jonathan showed him the nearby island were they had reached. They were happy and cheerful as they got what they had been fighting for, their Survival.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 2 We are not afraid to die…If we can all be together
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