Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 13 Summary and Quick revision English

The friends reach Marlow and then go down to Cookham past the Quarry Woods. They enjoy the breathtaking beauty and scenery around. They move upto Greenlands enjoying the journey. Montmorency finds a Tom cat whom he wants to kill as he dislikes cats but when he finds it to be unperturbed by the impending danger he did let go off it.

This reminds the narrator of a Fox Terrier in the lobby of Haymarkets stores which bit the other dogs and created a ruckus. To top it all its master scolded the other people.

Before leaving Marlow they shop for groceries and stock up the boat. The narrator also describes the trouble that is faced due to a steam launch. Then the friends run out of water and are not ready to drink from the river specially after seeing a dog ease himself up there.

In the end, a humorous incident occurs and that is Harris disappears in a gully and the other two can't figure out where he has gone. 
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