Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 12 Summary and Quick revision English

George requested the narrator to help him in the cleaning and he cleaned up the frying pan with George's wet shirt. They went to Magna Carta Island where the great Charter was signed. It was the place where Henry VIII is said to have met Anne Boleyn.

This reminded the narrator that how difficult it was for a person to live in a house where two lovers are there. One finds one in some awkward place or the other with the pair and it becomes difficult to go in any room. The couple is not interested in any kind of conversation and makes the other person feel unwanted. Finally, the three friends reached Datchet but they did not get a place even a single inn or pub.

Harris got so exhausted and felt that he would die there. Just then a young man came to them like a Saviour angel and took them to his house and gave them food to eat and place to sleep. After that they went to Monkey Island and were having cold beef for lunch and wanted some mustard with it but couldn't get it.

After having their lunch they tried to open a can of pine-apple but couldn't open it even after a lot of effort. They moved up the river and accidentally knocked off three old gentlemen with their chains into a heap and they cursed the three of them a lot.

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