Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 11 Summary and Quick revision English

The next morning, Jerome and George got up early at six. They both tried to sleep again but could not. George told Jerome about an incident when he was at Mrs. Gippings’ house 18 months ago. He forgot to wind up his watch before going to bed. He got up at 3 a.m. and it was still dark outside. Looking at his watch, he got horrified as it was showing time quarter-past eight. He rushed and get ready for work. He went to the door cursing Mrs. Gippings to be a lazy old woman since she had not opened the door.

He went out hastily and found that there were very few people out on the road and no shops had opened. When he looked at his watch it was five minutes to nine. Then he thought that it was something weird and asked a policeman the time. He said that it was three. He told him to go back. When he reached home he couldn't go to sleep. He went out to walk at four in the morning. He again met some policemen who found it strange that he was walking at this hour. So two plain clothed policemen escorted him home. He did not make a noise in the fear that the landlady would get up and think that there was a thief. After that he never got up early in the morning.

After the story finished they prodded Harris with a scull. When they all got up they could not go for a swim as it was very chilly. When the narrator was standing at a branch which was dipping into the water, it suddenly broke and he went into the icy cold water. Still the other two did not come in the water. When he was getting ready, a funny incident happened. He was in a hurry to wear his shirt which fell in the water. This made George laugh a lot and make fun of him. When they realized that it was George's shirt, he got angry.

In the meanwhile, Harris volunteered to make out of his world's best scrambled eggs but the result was a spoonful of burnt mess. In the process, Harris burnt his fingers and soiled his clothes. While the breakfast was being messed up, the sun had gone up high and the scenery was like that of 1215 and not the nineteenth century. There were knights and squires marching up and down and it was like a visit down memory lane.

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