The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 17 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Helen attended the meeting Chautauqua of the American Association in the summer of 1894. The meeting was held to promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf. In the meeting, it was arranged that Helen should go to the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf located in the New York City with Miss Sullivan. She went there in October 1894. The school was well-known for vocal culture and training in lip reading.

Helen spent two years in the school and studied arithmetic, physical geography, French and German. Helen started understanding German within months however she found French more difficult. Her progress in lip reading and speech was not fast as her teachers and she hoped for. Helen had ambition to talk like other people. She worked hard for this but there was no positive result. These disappointments caused her depression at times. She started other studies tirelessly. She found physical geography interesting subject. He learned how winds blow, how the vapours rise, how rivers cut out among the rocks and in what ways man may overcome many forces mightier than himself which gave her great joy.

She also remembered walk that all of them take together every day in Central Park.They also sailed on Hudson River in summer and saw its green banks. She also visited West Point, Tarrytown, the home of Washington Irving in New York City.

Before leaving New York, she heard news that made her very sad. Her friend, Mr. John P.Spaulding, of Boston died in February 1896. His death left a gap in Helen's life that had never been filled.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Helen attended Wright-Humason School for the Deaf for two years.

• She studied arithmetic, physical geography, French and German there.

• She learned German within months however found French more difficult.

• Her progress in lip reading and speech was not so fast that everyone expected that made her depressed at times.

• She learned physical geography in a jolly way.

• She visited many tourist places of New York City.

• Before leaving New York, she heard the sad news about the demise of her great friend Mr. John P.Spaulding, of Boston

Hard Words from the Chapter:

• Wilhelm Tell - a drama written by Friedrich Schiller in 1804.
• ambition - goal
• inevitable - natural
• pitfalls- errors
• aggravated - to make worse
• unflagging - tireless
• picturesque - attractive
• ascend - rise upwards
• congenial - suitable
• Bryant - An American poet and editor
• grandeur - elegance
• palisades - a fence
• cramping - painful
• unobtrusive - not attracting unnecessary attention
• fraught - filled with

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