The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 16 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Before October 1893, Helen had studied various subjects in an unsystematic way. She read the histories of Greece, Rome and the United States. She already knew some French and now she started learning French grammar. She acquired a sufficient knowledge of French to read passages and fables. She also learned the correct pronunciation of French with the help of her teacher, Miss Sullivan.

After being recovered from the fatigue and excitement of World's fair, she undertook a journey to Pennsylvania with Miss Sullivan. They stayed with the family of Mr. William Wade. His neighbour, Mr. Irons taught Helen Latin grammar and also helped her in arithmetic. She studied Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' and became aware of the author and recognize his particular style of writing. She started Caesar's 'Gallic War' when she went her home in Alabama.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Helen studied various subjects before October 1893.

• She learned the correct pronunciation of French words and became able to read passages and fables written in French.

• She visited Pennsylvania and learned Latin grammar there.

Hard Words from the Chapter:

• desultory - unsystematic
• considerable - large in amount
• absurd - unreasonable
• Genus - a kind
• ceased - stopped
• evanescent - fading from memory
• tinted - coloured
• capricious - unpredictable

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