CBSE released OTBA Material for Class 9th 2017. Open Text Book Assessment (OTBA) has been introduced by the CBSE in the syllabus of Class 9th and 11th in 2014. For Class 9th OTBA introduced in all subjects except Sanskrit . This is only part of Summative Assessment II. According to CBSE, OTBA is beneficial in developing analytical skills of students.

OTBA Material for Class IX

  • Each text material includes sample questions and a suggestive marking scheme for use of teachers. (The examination question will be different from the sample questions.)
  • The textual material will be related to chosen concepts taken together from the syllabi.
  • The Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) will have questions of higher order thinking skills and some of which may be subjective, creative and open ended.
  • The question Papers in main subjects at Summative Assessment will be of 90 marks (in English of 70 marks + 20 marks for ASL) based on prescribed syllabus and question paper design.
  • With the addition of OTBA of 10 marks, the total paper of Summative Assessment in a subject will be of 100 marks. However, weightage of SA will remain the same viz. 30%.
Subject & Code Units/Themes Theme for OTBA 2016 Marks Distribution
(valid for one theme)
(101 & 184)
Reading section
(Based on the themes found in the course book )
1. Nurturing Compassionate Citizens
2. Prepare and Prevent Don't Repair & Repent
(002 & 185) 

1. समावेशी शिक्षा एक चुनौती
2.स्वाधीनता आन्दोलन में महिलाओं का योगदान
 Social Science Unit-II; Chapter 4: Climate 1. Rainfall- An important factor governing Indian economy
2. Drought in Maharashtra: Issues and Implications
Unit 4:
Our Environment
1. Solid waste Management – How to bring best out of waste?
2. Healthy Environment, Healthy people
Unit -I, Chapter 4, Quadrilaterals 1. Solving Mystery of messed up fields
2. Quadrilateral in Architecture WAH TAJ !

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