KIPS Class 6th Solutions| Chapter 5 Enlivening a Presentation

Brain Developer

A. Fill in the blanks:

1. Transitions

2. Slide Transition

3. text or objects

4. Custom Animation

5. Slide Timing

6. Slide Sorter

7. Action button

8. files, internet, CD-ROM

9. Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from file

10. microphone

B. State True or False:

1. False

2. False

3. False

4. False

5. False

C. Answer the following:

1. We can add transition effects to a slide by following steps:
Step 1 - Open any presentation. Click on 'Slide Show>Slide Transition.
Step 2 - 'Slide Transition' task pane appears on the left side.
Step 3 - Click on any transition effect under 'Apply to selected slides' section.
Step 4 - The current slide will show the selected effect.

2. We can apply animation effects to a slide by:
Step 1 - Open any presentation. Select 'Slide Show > Custom Animation' option. The Custom Animation task pane appears.
Step 2 - Select any object and click on 'Add Effect' button. A list box will appear with four option. Entrance, Emphasis, Exit and Motion Paths.
Step 3 - Choose your desired option under ' Modify' Section by moving the mouse pointer and observing the effects.

3. We can specify slide timing to a slide by:
1. Clicking on 'On mouse click' option: If we want to advance the slide manually then this option will do our work.
2. Clicking on 'Automatically After' option: If we want the slide to advance automatically to the next one. We also have to specify the slide advance timings also.

4. Action button is a ready-made button that can be inserted in a presentation . It can also be used for defining hyperlink.
We can use it on our slide by:
Step 1 - Open an existing presentation. Choose 'Auto Shapes > Action Buttons.
Step 2 - Click on the 'Action Button:End'. The mouse pointer will change to '+' shape.
Step 3 - Diagonally drag the mouse and release the mouse button. Action button will be drawn on the slide and 'Action settings' dialog box will appear.
Step 4 - Click on 'Hyperlink to' option buton. The 'Last Slide' option will be displayed automatically in the text box or select it from the drop-down list. Click OK.
Step 5 - Press the 'Slide Show' button and click the ' Action' button. The last slide will be displayed.

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