KIPS Class 6th Solutions| Chapter 3 Using Mail Merge

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A. Answer the following:

1. Mail Merge feature is used to combine a data source with the main document.

2. Mail Merge features combine two documents, one is the Main Document and other is Data Source which is associated with main document.

3. Data Source consists of mailing list for example name, address, city, pin, telephone number etc.

4. Main document contains the text that we wish to send to all the recipients.

5. The list of receivers of the mail which we created are called Recipient list.
Steps to create a Recipient list for the main document are:
Step 1 - Select 'Type a new list' radio button under ' Select recipients' section and click on 'Create' option.
Step 2 - The 'New Address List' dialog box will appear on the screen. Click on 'Customize' button to add or remove fields.
Step 3 - Now enter, data in the respective fields and click on 'New Entry' button.
Step 4 - Enter three records of your friends and relatives and click on 'Close' button.
Step 5 - You will get a 'Save Address List' dialog box.
Step 6 - Specify a name in 'File name'. text box and click on 'Save' button.
Step 7 - Now, 'Mail Merge Recipients' dialog box will appear, in which we will find all the records we have entered.
Step 8 - By default, tick marks are placed on the check box on the left side of all the records which gives and indication that the records are selected.
Step 9 - Now click on 'Next:Write your letter' under 'Step 3 of 6' section.

B. Answer in one word or one sentence:

1. Mail Merge

2. Data Source

3. Tools

4. We need to select 'Letters' under 'Select document type' section.

5. Letters and Mailings

6. To create mailing list, select 'Type a new list' radio button under 'Select recipients' section and click on 'Create' option.

7. Record is a row on a datesheet.

8. By clicking on the 'Insert' button.

9. Customize button

10. We can enter the records that are to be associated with the main document in MS Word, database file or any other application like MS-Excel or MS-Access.

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