KIPS Class 6th Solutions| Chapter 2 More On Windows

Brain Developer

A. Fill in the blanks:

1. organize

2. copying

3. Windows 7

4. send and receive

5. My Pictures

B. Answer the following:

1. Windows Media Player is used to play and organize digital media files (Audio and Video) on the computer and the Internet.

2. Steps to rip songs from an audio CD to your computer:
Step 1 - Click on 'Start', point to 'All Programs' and then click on 'Windows Media Player'.
Step 2 - Insert an audio CD in the CD Drive, and then click on 'Rip' to copy music.
Step 3 - Uncheck the boxes next to any song that we do not want to rip. Also, we can select or clear all check boxes at once by using the check box at the top of the list.
Step 4 - After making selection, click on 'Rip Music'.

3. Burning a CD means copying data such as software, photos or music to CD.

4. Windows mobile software powers advanced, easy-to-use devices that allow us to send and ecieve e-mail, browse the internet, and with hundreds of application available to extend the platform.

5. We can display two windows side by side by following below steps:
Step 1 - Open a MS Word and MS Powerpoint programs one by one.
Step 2 - Press and hold down the Ctrl key and right click on Word document icon on the taskbar.
Step 3 - Click 'Tile vertically' option from the shortcut menu. Both the application windows will be displyed side by side.

6. The three features of Windows 7 are:

• Touch Screen: With a touch-sensitive screen and Windows 7, now we can use our fingers to do our tasks on PC.
• Searching made easier: We can quickly search for more things in more places in our computer by typing in some text in the Start menu Search box.
• Jump Lists: This takes us right to the documents, pictures, songs, or websites that we use frequently.

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