Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 7 Summary and Quick revision Notes English 

The two friends and the dog were passing Moulsey which was one of the busiest dock on the river. The dock was full of boaters who were in their Sunday boating dress enjoying and relaxing. It was gayest sight with the caps and jackets of the men, pretty coloured dresses of the woman, excited dogs, moving boats, white sails, pleasant landscape and sparkling water.

Jerome liked little red in all things but criticized Harris to wear yellow and George to bought ugly new blazer for this trip. Jerome and Harris were worried about the blazer which looks gaudy because it would attract attention to the boat.

Girls didn’t look bad in boat but Jerome had an opinion that a boating dress should be worn by them in a boat. Jerome tells a story when he was going with two beautifully dressed ladies. But they were dressed for a photographic studio, not for a river picnic. The first thing that they thought was that the boat was not clean and they were afraid of getting their dresses wet. He was stroking but not able to prevent few drops of water falling on their dresses though he did his best. The ladies felt relieved when he asked another man to row but this man spread more water on their dresses and they began to protect themselves with their umbrellas and drew rugs and coats over themselves.

They reached Hampton Court. Harris wanted to visit Mrs. Thomas's tomb but Jerome rejected it. Jerome reminded of his visit to a village church where he saw an old bald-headed guy coming to him carrying a bunch of keys in his hand. Jerome protested when he insisted to see the tomb. Jerome had to run away when he burst into tears.

Harris asked him to see the skulls at least. Harris was interested in tombs, graves, epitaphs and monuments revealed that he had joined the trip to see Mrs. Thomas's Tomb. Harris got angry when Jerome reminded him that they had to reach Shepperton by five o'clock to meet George. Harris said that he had never seen George doing any work. Harris wanted to go to the pub to have a drink but Jerome told him that there are no pubs nearby so he settled for lemonade from the hamper. Harris was steering while finding the bottle which was at the bottom of the hamper. So, he pulled the wrong line and sent the boat into the bank. Harris fall into the hamper with his leg up due to force hit of the boat. Jerome helped him out which makes him further angrier.

Quick Revision Notes:

• They passed through Moulsey which was the busiest dock where boaters were relaxing in their Sunday dress.

• Jerome tells a story about two beautifully dressed ladies who protected themselves from the drops of water using umbrella so that their dress don’t get spoiled.

• They reached Hampton court.

• A bald-headed guy insisted Jerome to see the tomb.

• Harry asked Jerome to see the skulls at least.

• Harris was interested in tombs, graves, epitaphs and monuments but can’t able to go because they had to meet George.

• Harris fall into the hamper while taking out the lemonade bottle and steering the boat together.

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