Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 6 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

They finally reached Kingston which was once known as “Kyningestun” when Saxon “kings” were crowned. Old houses spoke of nobles and courtiers who lived in red brick houses.

Jerome reminded of a magnificent carved oak staircase in one of the house of Kingston which is a shop now. The shopkeeper once took his friend in that house in which wall was oak-panelled. The wall was covered with blue-wall paper. Jerome felt sad that people always end up with what they don’t want.

Jerome remembered a boy, Stivvings who studied at their school. He was an extraordinary student but he used to get ill twice a week. During the great cholera care of 1871, Stivvings was the only case in the reputed society. He had to stay in bed when he was ill and eat chickens, custards and hot-house grapes.

They were finally on the boat and rowing past Hampton court. Harris threw away the sculls, got up and sat on Jerome’s back and stuck his legs in the air. Montmorency howled and turned a somersault and the hamper jumped up and all things came out. Jerome ran the boat round the walls of Hampton court which looked peaceful.

Harris described the incidence of getting lost in the maze when he went in once to show it to someone. He had studied the map and thought it was simple. He met some people who followed him to come out. Harris was lost so they go back to the entrance and failed again to find the way out. They called the young keeper who gave them instructions but he also got lost with them. They called the young keeper who was new and not able to locate them and also got lost while entering the maze. Harris said that it was very fine maze. Harris and Jerome agreed that they would try to get George into it on their return journey.

Quick Revision Notes:

• They reached Kingston by boat.

• Jerome reminded of magnificent oak staircase and oak-panelled wall which was covered with wallpaper.

• Jerome also remembered his schoolmate Stivvings who was extraordinary in studies and got ill twice in a week.

• They were passing by Hampton court.

• Harris said that he got lost in the maze with other people where old keeper rescued them. They thought to get George into the maze in their return journey.

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