Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 2 Summary and Quick revision Notes English 

They took out the maps and decided to leave for Kingston on Saturday. Harris and Jerome would take the boat up to Chertsey and George would join them after his bank is closed. George and Jerome wanted to camp outside but Harris warned them about the rain forecast.

Jerome described an idyllic scene of sleeping in the open air as sun sets along a river bank under shimmering moon. They imagined the drawbacks of this and finally decided to camp outside on fine nights and inside inn when it is wet. Montmorency was happy to hear this.

Jerome recalled the days when Montmorency came in his life and he thought that it would not live long but soon he realized the true nature of the dog. Montmorency had killed dozens chickens, had hundred and fourteen street fights, killed two cats and kept a man pinned in his own toolshed by making him afraid to come out. He discovered that Montmorency idea of life was to march around the slums with the most disreputable dogs.

The only decision which was left is what to take with them. George felt thirsty and Harris knew a place of excellent Irish whisky. The decision was postponed for next day and they went out putting their hats on. 

Quick Revision Notes:

• They decided to leave for Kingston on Saturday and George will join them at Chertsey when his bank is closed.

• They decided to camp outside during good weather and inside in bad weather. Montmorency was happy.

• Jerome remembered that Montmorency developed his nature of dog slowly after doing many incidents.

• They didn’t decided what to take with them and went out for whisky.

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