NCERT Procedure for recording an experiment for Lab Manual Work CBSE all Classes

Preparing a report on each practical performed in the laboratory and maintaining a record of the work done is an essential requirement. The report on each experiment should be such that it informs all steps involved in performing the experiment and the result obtained. It is therefore imperative that the report on an experiment should be presented under different headings so that it is easily understood. A format for presentation of report is suggested below.

It should explicitly state the objective of the experiment.

It must explain the basic principle(s), laws or theories on which the experiment is based or which it is meant to verify. Wherever necessary, the fundamental laws involved in the experiment should be supplemented with mathematical formulae or equations or with neat and labeled diagrams.

List all equipment, measuring devices and other items or materials to be used for performing the experiment.

Various steps followed in carrying out the experiment should be mentioned sequentially under this heading. Labeled diagrams, if any, should be drawn to present a pictorial view of the experimental set up.

All observations taken while performing the experiment must be recorded as observed and properly. This may be in a tabular form, drawings, or statements or a combination of them depending on the nature of the observations. All measurements must be expressed with their proper units.

In case, calculations based on the observations are required to obtain the result of an experiment, correct formulae and units must be used while substituting the data. All calculations must be carried out carefully. The result or the answer should be stated with proper SI units. In some experiments, drawing of graphs m ay also be required as a part of calculations.

All results and findings of an experiment must be stated in clear and unambiguous language.

All the precautions taken or observed while performing an experiment should be noted and the same should be stated in the report. Although some of the precautions taken during some experiments may be common, these usually change from one experiment to another depending on the nature of the experiment, the available facilities and equipment. In addition to precautions, the possible sources of errors (that arise because of limitation of equipment, due to change in atmospheric conditions or any other reason) should also be stated.
The report on each experiment must begin from a fresh page and a proper index of the experiments performed should be made in the beginning of the practical notebook.

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