Format for writing Informal Letters with example according to CBSE new pattern

According to CBSE curriculum, students have been suggested to use a particular type of informal letter format. No changes have been observed in the format of writing an informal letter. At the top, Writer's address is mentioned. Right after that you have to mention the date and then use salutation. Write the body of the letter in 3 para. First para will include contain the introduction of the subject. Second para contains the main content or the full description of the theme and third para will include the conclusion of the letter. The ending part of the letter includes subscription or the name of the writer. This format of informal is followed in CBSE exams.

Format of informal letter as per CBSE

Points to be noted while writing:

• While writing a letter to the parents or any other elders, Respected Father/Mother/Uncle can also be used. However, Dear Father/mother/Uncle/Aunt is more commonly used.
• Informal written to the people or relatives or friends of same age, Dear friend/cousin should be used.
• Stick to the point while writing the body or main content of the letter and tell the incidence clearly.
• Body of the letter must be end in threeo para. First para contains the short description of the incidence, Second para contains the elaborated incidence or the reason for writing the letter and third para contains the conclusion or asking for help or any other stuffs and ending point.

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