Format for writing Notice with example according to CBSE new pattern

According to CBSE curriculum, students have been suggested to use a particular type of format for Notice writing. No changes have been observed in the format of writing a Notice. At the top, name of the issuing agency is written in middle in bold letters is mentioned. Below that you have to mention the day and date at left corner. After that, the word "NOTICE" is written in bold in the middle of the format. Below that, subject is written in short with catchy words. Then the description or the body of the notice is written containing the issue in short, simple and well elaborated. The body of the letter must be attractive and main points should be bold. After that, signature of the issuing person with name and designation is mentioned. This format of Notice writing is followed in CBSE exams.

Format of Notice writing according to CBSE

Points to be noted while writing the Notice:
(i) Headline or title must be bold, of accurate size and eye-catching when writing.
(ii) Notice should be kept in box after writing.
(iii) The date, time and venue of the events must be bold in the body of the notice so that people that can read the main points clearly.
(iii) Details should mentioned in simple language and short.
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