CBSE has released Open Text Book Assessment (OTBA) Material for Class 11th 2016. OTBA is only applicable to three subjects in Class 11th i.e., Economics, Biology and Geography. This is only part of Summative Assessment II.

OTBA Material for Class XIth

► It is applicable to Economics, Geography and Biology only.
► A textual Material will be in form of an article, a case study, a diagram, a concept / mind map, a picture or a cartoon, problem / situation based on the concepts taught to students during the Term.
► Each text material includes sample questions and a suggestive marking scheme for use of teachers and may include the Value Based Questions.
► The textual material will be related to chosen concepts taken together from the syllabi.
► The Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) will have questions of higher order thinking skills and some of which may be subjective, creative and open ended.

Subject & Code Units/Themes Theme for OTBA 2016 Marks Distribution
(valid for one theme)
Unit 6: Development Experience of India 1. Special Economic Zones
2. Indo- Pak trade relations
Unit 5:Water (Oceans) (Hydrosphere) 1. The Dynamic Ocean Current
2. Ocean Resources
Unit 5: Human Physiology- (A) 1. Take care
2. The Ambient Air

Download OTBA Material for Different Subjects (in English)

Download OTBA Material for Economics

Download OTBA Material for Geography

Download OTBA Material for Biology

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