NCERT Solutions for Class 7th: Ch 7 Human Environment - Settlement,Transport and Communication Geography Social Studies Our Enviroment

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1. Answer the following questions.
(i) What are the four means of transport?


The four means of transport are:
(i) Roadways
(ii) Airways
(iii) Waterways
(iv) Railways

(ii) What do you understand by the term ‘settlement’?


Settlements are places where people build their homes which can be permanent or temporary.

(iii) Which are the activities practised by the rural people?


The activities practised by the rural people are agriculture, fishing, forestry, crafts work and trading etc.

(iv) Mention any two merits of railways.


Two merits of railways are:
(i) It can carry heavy goods and people over long distances quickly.
(ii) It is cheaperand hence economical.

(v) What do you understand by communication?


Communication is the process of conveying messages to others.

(vi) What is mass media?


The communication by which a large number of audience can be reached at the same time is called mass media. It consists of newspaper, telivisions, radio etc.

2. Tick the correct answer.
(i) Which is NOT a means of communication?
    (a) telephone            (b) books            (c) table
(c) table

(ii) Which type of road is constructed under the ground?
     (a) fly over              (b) expressways            (c) subways
(c) subways

(iii) Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?
      (a) ship              (b) train               (c) car
(a) ship

(iv) Which vehicle does not pollute the environment
      (a) cycle             (b) bus              (c) aeroplane
(a) cycle

3. Match the following.
(i) Internet (a) areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services
(ii) Canal route (b) closely built area of houses
(iii) Urban areas (c) houses on stilts
(iv) Compact settlement  (d) inland waterway
- (e) a means of communication


(i) Internet (e) a means of communication
(ii) Canal route (d) inland waterway
(iii) Urban areas (a) areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services
(iv) Compact settlement (b) closely built area of houses

4. Give reasons.
(i) Today’s world is shrinking.


Today’s world is shrinking because of globalization and improved means of transportation and communication. Due to improved communication system, we can talk or get connected with each other in the world at any any time by internet, phones etc. Also, the news from all over the world can be known by sitting at one place. We can reach opposite corners of the world in no time due to improved means of transportation. Globalization of markets added flavour to it. That is why the world has now became small villa or get shrink.

Notes of Chapter 7 Human Environment - Settlement, Transport and Communication

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