NCERT Solutions for Class 11th: Ch 1 Political Theory: An Introduction Political Science

Page No: 16


1.Which of the following statements are true/false about Political theory?

a. It discusses ideas that form the basis of political institutions
► True

b. It explains the relationship between different religions
► False

c. It explains the meanings of concepts like equality and freedom
► True

d. It predicts the performance of political parties
► False

2. Politics is more than what politicians do. Do you agree with this statement? Give examples.


Yes, Politics is more than what politicians do. Politicians as a part of government are involved in politics but it is more beyond this. Politics is an important and integral part of any society. Examples:
→ It involves what governments do and how they relate to the aspirations of the people
→ It involves how people struggle and influence decision making.
→ It involves how people engage in political activity whenever they negotiate with each other and take part in collective activities which are designed to promote social development and help to resolve common problems.

3. Vigilant citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy. Comment.


Vigilant citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy as they helps in reaching the roots of the democracy. They create awareness among the masses about the rights of citizens and policies of the government which leads to mature discussion and debate on the issues. Thus, citizens can force the government to implement new policies or modify old one by mobilising their opinion.

4. In what ways is the study of political theory useful for us? Identify four ways in which the political theory can be useful to us?


The study of political theory is useful for us in following ways:

→ It is relevant for us now and also in future also we may choose it as a career.

→ As we are all going to be citizens entitled to vote and decide other issues. To act responsibly, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of the political ideas and institutions of our country so that we can express our interest in thoughtful and mature way.

→ It encourages us to do is examine our ideas and feelings about political things which are not only abstract issues such as freedom, equality and secularism.

→ It exposes us to systematic thinking on justice or equality so that we can polish our opinions and argue in an informed manner and for the sake of common interests.

5. Do you think that a good/convincing argument can compel others to listen to you?


Yes, a good/convincing argument can compel others to listen to someone. Arguments prove the degree of reason of a proposition and the need to defend it. A good defence is a compelling factor in the audience listening to the speaker. To provide good arguments we must have depth knowledge and thinking on that issue so that we can argue in informed manner and is for the sake of common interests. This compel others to listen our view.

6. Do you think studying political theory is like studying mathematics? Give reasons for your answer.


No, studying political theory is not like studying mathematics. Mathematics study objects and works on well defined concept and principles while political theory study people and have no exact concept and principles, it differ according to context.
In political theory we deal with with the origins, meaning and significance of political ideas that we are familiar with such as freedom, equality, citizenship, justice, development, nationalism secularism etc, which have so many definitions but in mathematics we have one definition of a triangle or square. This is because opinion of people changes on issue like equality unlike objects.

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