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Summary of Poem
Study Material and Summary of The ant and the cricket

It is a fable in poetic form. A fable is a story, often with animals as characters,that conveys a moral.

This is a poem about a silly young cricket and an ant. Cricket was only singing all day long and used to enjoy his good times during summer season. He didn't plan anything for the future.

When winter arrives, cricket couldn't find a small amount of food to eat. So, the cricket thinks of going to miser ant to borrow food and to get shelter. Then, the cricket knocked on the ant´s door asking for help.

The ant gives a very important lesson of life during its conversation with the cricket. Ant says that ants neither borrow from somebody nor lend to somebody. Ants are hardworking creatures and save for the future. The ant asks the cricket what it was doing during happier times. On hearing the cricket indulged in dancing and singing and making merry, the ant asks the cricket to try dancing and singing once again during rough times.

Moral: We should happy moments but should not ignore our future. Careful planning is essential for everyone and it ensures a secure future.

Terms and meanings from the Chapter:

• Accustomed to sing: used to singing
• Lay nothing by: save nothing
• Quoth: said
• Hastily: Hurriedly

Extra Questions and Answer

What was the young cricket accustomed to do?
► The young cricket accustomed to sang all day long and enjoyed his good times.

When was the cricket more happy?
► The cricket was more happy through the warm,sunny months of gay summer and spring.

Why did he complain?
► He complained because he found his cupboard was empty,and winter was come.

Give the opposite of : empty, warm.
► Empty – Full
Warm – cold

What made the cricket bold ?
► Starvation and famine made the cricket bold.

Why cricket go to the ant?
► The cricket went to the ant for shelter and grains to eat.

What did the ant tell the cricket?
► The ant told the cricket that they neither borrow from somebody nor lend to somebody.

What did the ant ask the cricket?
► The ant asked the cricket that what he was doing in summer times.

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