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Summary of Poem
Study Material and Summary of The School Boy

The speaker of poem is a school boy who love to rise in summer morning, when birds are singing on the trees. The boy gets entertained by the company of the hunter who blows his clarion from a distance field and sweet lullabies of skylark.
But the thing he don’t like is going to school which pulls all his happiness and joy. He is tired and even puzzled under the strict supervision of his teacher. Instead of enjoying the pleasures of summer, the child has to spend many tensed hours in his school nor in the garden where he can learn many things in interesting way with the nature.
A bird can never sing sweet song when he if caged. Similarly, a child if remained under the umbrella of annoying fear and tension, the skepticism of his teacher can never enjoy the natural instincts of joy and playfulness.
In last stanzas, he tried to make understand his parents that if a budding child is picked and swept of in the early stage of life, where there is no one to care for then how he could grow in mature plant.

Terms and Meanings from the poem

• Outworn – out of date
• Sighing – breathe out
• Dismay – shock
• Drooping - To hang down as from exhaustion
• Anoxious – worried
• Bower - climbing plants in a garden
• Dreary – Uninteresting
• Nip’d (nipped) - destroy it at an early stage of its development
• Strip’d (stripped) – remove all coverings

Extra Question and Answers

1. Why child hates going to school?
► Child hated school because there he is under strict control of his teacher like he has been caged.

2. How child happiness turn into sorrowness?
► The child rose in the fresh and delightful summer morning. He is very happy but his parents force him to go to the school where he spend his time in sorrowness.

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