Study Material of The Duck and the Kangaroo (Summary, Extra Question and answers and Word Meanings) Honeydew

Summary of Poem

Study Material and Summary of The Duck and the Kangaroo

The Duck and the Kangaroo, both were very good friends. As the duck lived in a pond and does not get a variegated life of visiting world, he wanted to have a pleasure tour all around the world. So he requested the kangaroo to allow him to sit on the top of his tail and have a pleasure tour. The kangaroo accepted the wish, but at the same time put some conditions too. According to him the duck’s feet were unpleasantly wet and cold. This may cause with rheumatism. At this the Duck assured him with the remedies he thought about. According to him he has already bought four pairs of woolen socks to put on. Besides he has bought a cloak to cover himself and he will smoke cigar too. In this way both the duck and the kangaroo started their tour and continued their happy journey.

Terms and Meanings from the Poem

• Gracious – kind
• Nasty – unpleasent
• Roo-matiz (Rheumatism) – any disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles or tissue.
• Cloak – robe
• Worsted socks – woollen socks
• Pale – light in colour

Extra Questions and Answers

1. Why duck wants to go out for tour?
► The duck wanted to saw world beyond his pond so he wanted went out for tour.

2. What objection Kangaroo have?
► The kangaroo's objection is that the duck's webbed feet are cold and damp and it would give him the roo-matiz.

3. What are the conditions put by Kangaroo for the duck?
► The conditions put by Kangaroo for the duck is that he sit steady at the end of his tail so he can balance himself.

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