NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Literature Reader English - English Communicative - Free PDF Download

Literature Reader is one of the important textbook for Class 10 Students who are studying in CBSE schools. This textbook is specially made by NCERT in order to develop language skills in their students. The coursebook is made to enhance learning ability as well as understanding power. Literature Reader Textbook comes under English Communicative course of CBSE. As name defines itself that it will also help in developing communicative power in a student. Studyrankers aims to provide accurate and most meaningful NCERT solutions for Class 10 students. This page contains all the textbook questions and answers of the Literature Reader. It contains detailed answers of each questions which help in understanding the chapters. The most important thing is that our teachers have keep in mind while preparing the NCERT Solutions of Literature Reader Textbook is keeping the language simple.

Chapter wise detailed Solutions of NCERT Class 10th Literature Reader 

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Literature Reader English

Why chose Studyrankers for NCERT Solutions of Literature Reader Class10th 

Our experts have prepared CBSE NCERT solutions according to the latest pattern. They have kept each point in detail so that it would be easier for students to learn it. The answers provided by our teachers can help in getting good marks and understanding the solution of the question with proper marking.

Literature Reader is Standard textbook published by NCERT and prescribed by CBSE for their school. The questions in board exams and term exams will come from this book. This textbook contains three sections: Fiction, Poetry and Drama. In Fiction, small stories are given which are interesting while reading, helpful in improving knowledge and increasing thinking skills. In the Poetry section, poems related to life are given. These poems are taken from renowned poets. Under Drama section, two conversational stories are given which can be performed also. The drama part is extremely useful as it will develop conversational skills in students.

There are total 14 chapters in Literature Reader Textbook. 6 chapters are composed of Fictions (Prose), 6 chapters are poetry and 2 chapters are from drama sections. All chapters contain questions from the stories which are answered here. Each chapter comprises of short and long type questions which have been solved.

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